CrossFit Craigieburn provides functional fitness training in a highly coached and supportive environment – making a life-changing level of fitness accessible to any committed individual, regardless of current ability, age or personal goals. Our primary purpose is to enrich our community with the physical tools and mindset to enjoy happier and healthier lives.

We squat, jump, run, skip, lift weights, swing kettlebells, climb ropes, row, flip heavy objects, do push-ups, sit-ups, pull-ups and more.

Utilising the CrossFit methodology, we eliminate the boredom and plateaus created by routine through a constantly varied program – no two sessions are ever the same which keeps your body guessing and builds a physical and mental state that is ready for anything life can throw at you.

The method is designed to build strength, promote weight loss, reduce stress and increase endurance – by using exercises that involve the entire body, you will get balanced results much quicker than traditional programs.

With personalised training and hard work you will achieve your fitness goals and then some – all in less than an hour per session.

The program is adaptable to all fitness levels and personal goals:

  • Individuals who want to lose weight and increase their fitness
  • Kids and teens that want to build strength, coordination and skills that will have life-long benefits
  • Athletes looking for a strength, speed, power and agility edge

No matter your level of fitness: We challenge you come and try the method yourself, learn how to get started here.

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