The workout is designed so that it is possible you won’t make it to last AMRAP at all. This is ok.
In a 20 minute window (for max rounds and reps in the last part)

3 Rounds of
30/24 Calorie row
60 Double-unders
30 Wall balls @ 9/6kg


6 Rounds of
8 Power snatches @ 35/25kg
8 Box jump overs @ 24/20”
8 Toes to bars

THEN in the remaining time, AMRAP
8 Thrusters @ 35/25kg
8 Pull ups
8 Bar facing burpees

Options. Only adjust the movements if you absolutely have to today;
Double-under → single unders
Power snatch / thruster → 35/25kg to 25/15kg
Toes to bar → sit up
Pull up → Jumping pull up

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