Handstand pushup session
RX – If base strength of 2+ Strict handstand pushups is there, practice the CrossFit kip, linking 3-5 HSPU with either ab mats to get fluency throughout the movement.

Scaled – If unable to perform a strict handstand pushup you may choose one of each and rotate through 1 & 2

3-5 Sets of wall walks – Walk your body close to the wall intending to get your tight body with nose touching the wall and hold up until 30 seconds.


A1. 3-5 Sets of practising kicking up to the wall to hold upside down for up to 30 seconds.
A2. 3-5 Sets of strict dumbbell press x 4-6 repetitions AHAP
A2. 3-5 Sets of Klokov press press x 4-6 repetitions AHAP


A2. 3-5 Sets of Hand stand negative (Must be a slow descent, no falling onto head) x 4-6 repetitions AHAP


A2. 3-5 Sets of bench press x 4-6 repetitions AHAP

For time;
Row 250 meters
25 Hand release pushups
25 Situps
Row 200 meters
20 Hand release pushups
20 Situps
Row 150 meters
15 Hand release pushups
15 Situps
Row 100 meters
10 Hand release pushups
10 Situps

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