Rope climb workshop
RX – Ensure base strength of 2+ strict pullups to start working on biting and climbing rope.
Scaled – Alternate between A1 & A2 of your choice for 3-5 sets

Rope chinups 2-4 each arm
Chinups 2-4 each arm
Negatives 4+ reps with slow descent
Inverted rows 4-6 reps with hold at top and slow descent

V-ups or tuck crunches 10+ reps
Bar hang l-sit hold 15+ seconds
Situps 25 repetitions

Every 2 minutes, for 18 minutes (3 sets of each) for max reps:
Station 1 – 90 Burpees
Station 2 – 60 Seconds of Ring dips
Station 3 – 60 Seconds of Box jump overs 24/2

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