Handstand walking workshop
RX – Ensure base strength of 20+ seconds in handstand position up against a wall. if base strength is there then you may practice hand lifts or shoulder taps or just popping upside down on the gym floor and practicing walking

Scaled – Alternate between A1 & A2 of your choice for 3-5 sets
*Waiters walk 10m each arm ahap
*Wall climb 3-5 repetitions

*Pike pushups 5-10 repetitions
*Kick up to handstand attempts 3-5 repetitions
*Hand lifts or shoulder taps 30s AMRAP

For time:
15 Deadlifts 100/70
30 Wall Ball Shots 9/6
12 Deadlifts
24 Wall Ball Shots
9 Deadlifts
18 Wall Ball Shots

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