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Chris Medcraft

Chris has extensive knowledge and experience in the fitness industry, working as a Personal Trainer since 2010. From 2011 he has worked as a part-time CrossFit Coach, until becoming full-time Coach and Manager at in 2013. Crossfit Craigieburn will be an extension of Chris and his training ethic. The environment and spirit of the gym […]

Jennifer Francis

Jen started CrossFit in late 2012 and has a great passion for olympic weightlifting. She uses herself as an example that you can train hard and lift heavy weights, but not get ‘bulky’. Jen’s vision for CrossFit Craigieburn is to create a welcoming atmosphere where people look forward to coming in and training hard. Qualifications: […]

Loren Lauder

Loren has always been an active person; through out her childhood and teen years she has played a variety of competitive sports. This passion leaded to her wanting to pursuer this as a career. After completing her Diploma of Remedial Massage and Personal Training Qualifications, she began working with St Kilda Football Club for the […]

PJ TeWhaiti

Pj TeWhaiti has been on the crossfit scene since 2013 coming from a sports back ground playing Rugby Union/Rugby League all the way to local AFL you name it he’s played it. He’s no shy athlete when it comes to crossfit competition but the one thing he’s known for is getting around the community, his […]