Chris Medcraft,


Chris has extensive knowledge and experience in the fitness industry, working as a Personal Trainer since 2010. From 2011 he has worked as a part-time CrossFit Coach, until becoming full-time Coach and Manager at in 2013.

Crossfit Craigieburn will be an extension of Chris and his training ethic. The environment and spirit of the gym is one where anyone is welcome. Work hard/smart, have a laugh and get strong and fit in the process. The objective is to run a training facility focused on producing results and helping members achieve their goals.

Chris has a vision to become not only one of the best crossfitters in the country, but also to be the best leader he can be to all that follow on the journey to becoming the strongest and fittest that they can be.

Certificate III in Fitness
Certificate IV in Fitness
First aid & CPR
Level 1 CrossFit Certification
Level 1+2 Weightlifting/Sports Power Coach

2015 Again faster allstar team series 3rd place
2015 Moorabin megabowl 4th place
2015 Winter mayhem 1st place
2015 AWF competition 1st place
2015 Australian CrossFit Games Open 40th place
2014 Australian Regional  Individual
2014 Allstars Affiliate Final
2014 Again faster allstar team series 1st place
2014 Weightlifting Seminar with Bob Takano
2014 Weightlifting Seminar with Chris Ciancio
2014 Gymnastics Seminar
2013 CrossFit TopEnd Throwdown 1st place
2013 Schwartz Challenge 10th place
2013 Merciless Competition 1st place
2012 CrossFit Soul Rebel Competition
2011 Schwartz Challenge
2011 Running endurance seminar
2011 CrossFit Victoria Throwdown
2011 Mobility seminar

Jennifer Francis,

Jen started CrossFit in late 2012 and has a great passion for olympic weightlifting. She uses herself as an example that you can train hard and lift heavy weights, but not get ‘bulky’.

Jen’s vision for CrossFit Craigieburn is to create a welcoming atmosphere where people look forward to coming in and training hard.

Level 1 CrossFit Certification
Level 1 Weightlifting/Sports Power Coach

2013 Allstars Affiliate Series
2013 CrossFit TopEnd Throwdown
2013 Donny Shankel Weightlifting Seminar
2013 Territory Throwdown
2014 NTWA 3rd place
2014 NorFit Series 1 & 2
2014 Weightlifting Seminar with Chris Ciancio
2014 Gymnastics Seminar
2015 Winter Mayhem
2016 VWA Open
2016 WOD of Strength

Loren Lauder,

12768175_1251856278177191_2970505610096754352_oLoren has always been an active person; through out her childhood and teen years she has played a variety of competitive sports. This passion leaded to her wanting to pursuer this as a career. After completing her Diploma of Remedial Massage and Personal Training Qualifications, she began working with St Kilda Football Club for the next 4 years and starting up her own Personal Training Business (Bikini Bum Fitness).

Loren has a real passion for competing and coaching, passing on any knowledge from experience she has to members in the box. Lorens main focus is being an inspiration and good role model within the Craigieburn community.

Diploma Remedial Massage
Certificate III and IV In fitness
Level 2 AFL Trainer
Level 1 Crossfit coach
Weightlifting coach Level 1
Percision Nutritionist

2012 Best in the West Spirit of the Day Winner
2013 Soul Rebel Competition
2013 CrossFit Rise Up V CrossFit Westagte 1st place
2013 Schwatz’s Crossfit Challenger
2014 AllStars Team Series Finalist
2014 Western Suburbs Crossfitters Olympic Weightlifting 1st place
2014 Crossfit Richmond Competition
2014 Power Lifting Seminar
2014 Olympic Lifting Seminar
2014 & 2015 Victoria Partners Cup Finalist
2015 Snatch Deadlift Comp 2nd place
2015 Moorabin Mega Bowl 5th Place
2015 Australian Fitness Titles 5th Place
2015 Aulbury Christmas Partners Competition 2nd place


PJ TeWhaiti,

Pj TeWhaiti has been on the crossfit scene since 2013 coming from a sports back ground playing Rugby Union/Rugby League all the way to local AFL you name it he’s played it. He’s no shy athlete when it comes to crossfit competition but the one thing he’s known for is getting around the community, his love and passion for helping other people excels any of his physical abilities. One thing is being a athlete but another is being an incredible coach which is what he strives for each and everyday. His goal is to one day represent Crossfit Craigieburn at the pacific Regionals as a individual competitor in the up and coming years.

Cert 3/4 in fitness
Advance Movement analysts
Resistance Band coaching certification
Level 1 Boxing instructor
Advanced Kettlebell Coach certification

2015 Schwartz challenge 38th
2015: Moorabbin Megabowl advance 9th
2015 Diamond valley weight lifting competition: 4th
2015 Pakenham throwdown advance 4th place
2014 Frankston partner comp 4th
2014 Moorabbin Megabowl 7th
2014 Schwartz challenge 59th place
2014 Peninsula weighting 1st place
2014 Crossfit Diamond valley weightlifting competition 1st place
2014 Anarchy throwdown advance 2nd place
2014 Hamilton throwdown advance 2nd place
2014 Pakenham throwdown advanced 1st place
2013 Diamond valley weightlifting 6th
2013 Soul rebel advanced 10th


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