Frequently ASK Questions

What types of classes does Crossfit Craigieburn offer?

Crossfit Craigieburn offers CrossFit, Weightlifting, TeenFit, and special monthly community events.

Are there options for beginners at Crossfit Craigieburn?

Yes, Crossfit Craigieburn has a special offer for beginners including a 7 day Free Trial.

Is there an option for dropping in if I'm not a member?

Yes, Crossfit Craigieburn offers drop-in options for those not holding a membership.

What is the focus of CrossFit classes at Crossfit Craigieburn?

CrossFit classes focus on a 60min Strength & Conditioning routine to strengthen and tone the body while building up fitness.

When are Weightlifting classes held?

Weightlifting classes are held every Tuesday and Thursday evening at 5.30pm and Saturday morning at 8am.

What is TeenFit?

TeenFit is a 60 minute beginner CrossFit Class for young people aged 8-13, held every Saturday morning at 10.30 am during school terms.

How often are special community events held?

Special community events are held once a month.

What do members say about Crossfit Craigieburn?

Members praise the awesome atmosphere, professional and passionate coaching, noticeable body improvements, and the supportive community.

Where is Crossfit Craigieburn located?

Crossfit Craigieburn is located at 18A Rushwood Dr, Craigieburn VIC 3064.

How can I contact Crossfit Craigieburn?

You can contact Crossfit Craigieburn by phone at 0451 108 270 or email at info@crossfitcraigieburn.com